Special recipes

Barrit Mejeri is characterized by having a flexible production. The lead time are short, while the dairy’s plant is also suitable for small scale production. Apart from the range of standard products Barrit Mejeri can thus also manufacture special products tailor-made for the demands that a cream cheese have to fulfil to be used as an ingredient in a food production process.

For a special product the consistency of the cream cheese can be adjusted according to how the cream cheese has to be handled in the client’s processing, from very firm to very soft.

Likewise it is also possible to develop unique spice mixtures targeted to the situation in which the cream cheese has to be used, either to complement or strengthen a given taste direction. The strength of the taste can also be adjusted, thereby taking into consideration the influence the client’s processing can have on the cream cheese’s characteristics.

Special products can be manufactures either based on the client’s own recipes or one developed with Barrit Mejeri. In this development work Barrit Mejeri can supply know how as well as facilities for pilot production runs.



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