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Barrit Mejeri is one of the few remaining independent cooperative dairies in Denmark. Production started in 1887, and initially the range of products was typical of any local Danish dairy, consisting of milk, cream, butter, hard and soft cheese.

However, over time the production has become more and more specialized. Production of milk and other consumer products was discontinued and at the start of the new century the range of products only consisted of creme fraiche and cream cheese for B2B customers.

Today Barrit Mejeri only produces cream cheese which is tailor-made for use in the food industry according to our clients’ demands and specifications. The seven employees produce 700-900 tonnes of cheese annually.

The raw milk comes from a number of farms from the Juelsminde peninsula, and since December 2009 Barrit Mejeri has once again started selling products to the locals through its own cheese outlet that is open on a two-day per week basis.

In the Spring of 2012 the former dairy manager Ove Buhl went into retirement, and the board appointed Brian Madsen as the new dairy manager. Brian Madsen had served his apprenticeship at Nordenskov Mejeri, and before being appointed as dairy manager he had been employed at Barrit Mejeri for numerous years.



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Barrit Mejeri
Brølbæk 5
7150 Barrit - Denmark

Tel: +45 75 69 10 23
Fax: +45 69 15 17 92

CVR: 16 23 02 19


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