The majority of the cream cheese production from Barrit Mejeri is exported, and thus we are able to deliver to many of the regions with interest in specialized dairy products.

Naturally Barrit Mejeri has the rights to export to all countries within the European Union, but the dairy has also been approved to export its products to e.g. Russia, Japan and Kina.

When exporting Barrit Mejeri collaborates with a number of international agents. Contact Barrit Mejeri for further details.



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Fredag: 13.00-17.00
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Selv om mejeriet er åbent for indlevering af råmælk, er det kun på ovenstående tidspunkter, at Ostehullet har åbent.


Barrit Mejeri
Brølbæk 5
7150 Barrit - Denmark

Tel: +45 75 69 10 23
Fax: +45 69 15 17 92

CVR: 16 23 02 19


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